Baby Perry The Platypus Pictures

Baby Perry The Platypus Pictures

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Baby platypus amazon com, this is the cutest softest platypus baby ever so fun to play with and the kids have a blast pretending. Perry the platypus disney wiki fandom powered by wikia, perry the platypus codenamed agent p or just simply perry is the tritagonist of the 2007-2016 animated television series phineas and ferb he is phineas and ferb s pet platypus who unbeknownst to his owners lives a double life as a secret agent for the o w c a a k a the organization. Platypus - wikipedia, the platypus ornithorhynchus anatinus sometimes referred to as the duck-billed platypus is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern australia including tasmania together with the four species of echidna it is one of the five extant species of monotremes the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young the animal is the sole living representative of its.

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