Canvas Texture Minecraft

Canvas Texture Minecraft

Project Description

Official hd canvas 128x128 64x64 minecraft in brush, is it canvas is a pack that raises the resolution of the default minecraft textures the important part of this pack are the smooth lines that flow and blend nicely with others there are other texture packs that have this smoothness but that is now applied to the default textures it may not. Canvas resource pack 1 12 2 texture packs, the pack needs some time to be fully completed but more than 75 of the textures are already done and you can enjoy it in short the pack is made with brush tool only which makes this pack very unique canvas try to stay as default as possible which is also a great feature download canvas minecraft in brush up before proceeding with. Canvas craft minecraft texture pack, my first texture pack it is pretty much just the default texture pack with a canvas texture applied to everything giving it a more papery look and yes it is extremely basic but that was the point so please don t hate on how basic it is thanks please try it out and don t forget to leave.

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