Conclusion For Poverty

Conclusion For Poverty

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Poverty sociology britannica com, poverty poverty the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions poverty is said to exist when people lack the means to satisfy their basic needs in this context the identification of poor people first requires a determination of what constitutes basic. Poverty - wikipedia, poverty is the scarcity or the lack of a certain variant amount of material possessions or money poverty is a multifaceted concept which may include social economic and political elements absolute poverty extreme poverty or destitution refers to the complete lack of the means necessary to meet basic personal needs such as food clothing and shelter. Poverty point - wikipedia, site description poverty point is constructed entirely of earthworks the core of the site measures approximately 500 acres 2 0 km 2 although archaeological investigations have shown that the total occupation area extended for more than three miles 5 km along the river terrace the monumental construction is a group of six concentric crescent ridge earthworks divided by five aisles.

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