Skidding Forwarding Grapple Skidder

Skidding Forwarding Grapple Skidder

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Logging equipment ebay, log grapple skidder the uniquely designed grapple has a forged ring to provide strength whether lifting or dragging allowing the grapple to lift up to 3000 lbs simply use your atv utv or utility. Skidder vs forwarder in forestry and logging, no contest for me it would have to be a forwarder it just saves so much work if you have a skidder then you have to have something else at the landing in order to sort and load why not just have one machine another point is the timber comes out of the woods so much cleaner on a forwarder just my thoughts. Skidder - wikipedia, a skidder is any type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest in a process called skidding in which the logs are transported from the cutting site to a landing here they are loaded onto trucks or in times past railroad cars or flumes and sent to the mill.

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